So yeah, I'm giving myself an extra week before this comic comes back from hiatus with new updates, which means the next page will be up September 4th. I didn't get enough of my work done by the 28th, which obviously makes it difficult to post new content, but I'd be able to soldier on if not for the fact that this is going to be an insanely busy week for me!

I have family visiting, a new roommate moving to town, and a roommate moving out (which I've promised to help with), so the idea that I could finish this page and also have the next one ready on time is laughable. So I'm just calling it now.

Sorry to the people who were excited to see the notice about the new updates, but this was the least-bad option as of today. I swear I'm back on the horse! It's just that inertia is a hell of a thing.